fredag 6 mars 2015


An album that sold well on release, making top 20 in both US and UK, but today seems almost forgotten by the large public. I just listened to it for the first time in many years and am surprised how good it still sounds. After the rather introvert "HMS Donovan" it was a return to a more commercial style and you can hear the connection with much of his sixties work - soft catchy songs with breathy vocals, sparsly arranged and orchestrated, but powerful in their own way. Co-produced by himself and Mickie Most with top notch studio musicians - including Chris Spedding, Bobby Keys, Jim Horn, Cozy Powell and also Suzy Quattro doing vocals on one track before her big breakthrough. With that crew you could expect a more rockin' outcome, but it's more held back and cool, making you lean forward and listen rather than being overrun. Favorite track - "The Intergalactic Laxative" - dealing with toilet problems in space. (Fun fact - by the time for sessions at Morgan Studios, London, Alice Cooper was recording "Billion Dollar Babies" at the same location and it was after suggestion from guitarist Michael Bruce Donovan was brought over to share vocals on the title track.) First US on Epic (KE 32156). Premiere UK had labels as shown here and structured fold/out cover containing a large round lyric/picture poster and "cozmic" inner. (TÖW*) (SYSÖ*)

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