måndag 16 mars 2015


Spanish version of the European compilation "2 Originals Of Yes". A re-release of their first eponymous and "Time And A Word". On deep ridged plum label in a thick laminated cover without the title on front, instead an "Especial 500" sticker showing it was part of the domestic budget serie. Song titles in Spanish and English on label and cover. I have friends who avoid issues like this since they're afraid to get bad pressings or inferior audio. No need for worry here. The audio is excellent - strong, clear and natural - and doesn't in any way stand back to the UK first issues. Cut at a slightly lower volume, giving a less intense impact but more relaxed listening. Probably interesting mainly to die-hard Yes collectors, but with enough beauty to make it attractive for vinyl lovers in general. (JÄZ*) (ÄTHP*) (SXÖX*)

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