onsdag 25 mars 2015

QUEEN/II EMA 767 (-74) UK

Though with healthy sales on both sides of the Atlantic at the time and a borderline breakthrough for the band, this is today their most neglected album. Die hard fans often mention the down to earth debute and for the large public it starts with the more commercial "Sheer Heart Attack". This falls somewhere inbetween. The signature multi layer guitars are there and Mercury's ingenious vocals, but songwriting and production less accessible than on later issues. Very hard to put in a genre. Could be described as prog, glam, hard rock or all three, but most of all it sounds Queen and thus unique. Even if I didn't like it right away back then the power and intricacy have grown on me through the years and today I prefer it to much of their later stuff. Going from the popish and beautiful in "Some Day One Day", "Funny How Love Is" and "White Queen" to the stone hard "The Looser In The End" and "Ogre Battle" - it has everything that just a little later would make them a household name, but since a bit more wayward and personal also longer lasting. First US on Elektra (EKS 75082). Premiere UK had label as shown here, fully laminated fold/out cover and lyric inner. (QÄN*)

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