måndag 9 mars 2015


A fairly unknown early press of this masterpiece with a couple of features making it stand out relatively many other issues. It's on plum label, but has the older "white fan" design - originally used by US Atlantic 1960-62. Though "How Many More Times" is presented as one cut on cover and label, it's divided on the vinyl by a gap after 3.30, thus in a way coinciding with the deliberately faulty timing. Quite cool, but what really makes my toes curl is the audio. I have no means to compare with UK or US first editions at the moment, still doubt they can be much better. It all comes out strong and natural with tophole separation and it's clear very little compression or limiting were used, making it more like a trip to the studio than a processed sound product. Certainly an attractive alternative to more renowned releases and with such amazing sound quality it's a true keeper with no need for update. France had two separate issues on the "white fan" label, both from same matrixes (HXBLY 920078 AT/BT), orange fonts on front and "T" tax codes on back. The other in the "Super Panache" serie (no. 0920078) had flip/back cover and probably predates this. 1972 reissue came on red/green label. The one shown here had laminated front and matt back cover. (MFÄX*)(ÄTHP*) (LÖZ*)

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