onsdag 18 mars 2015


A pop/rock duo consisting of Bill Elliot and Bob Purvis, much loved by George Harrison who more or less adopted them for his new Dark Horse label and went all in for this debute album. Apart from producing and co-arranging he also contributed guitar, bass, assorted support instruments, background vocals and also gathered a star cast for the rest - including Alvin Lee, Ronnie Wood, Jim Keltner, Billy Preston, Klaus Voorman, Mel Collins (King Crimson), Mike Kelly and Gary Wright (both Spooky Tooth). Though all cuts are self penned by the duo and they handle the lead vocals this most of all sounds like a good George Harrison album. Song structures and all over production coupled with his signature guitars and even vocals partly delivered the same way, make me forget all about Splinter and instead place it somewhere between the "Dark Horse" and "Extra Texture" albums in the GH songbook. I've seen critics saying this beats both those albums, but I'm not that sure. It's certainly more elaborated with safer play and pleasant to the ear, but lacks the playfulness and personality you get from his own songs this period. A good album without any outstanding tracks and to me more fitting as a nice background than close listening. First US on Dark Horse (SP 22001). Never legally re-issued on CD - unofficially on Plum Records (PLUM 001). Premiere UK had label as shown here, matt "front-fold" cover, lyric sheet and Dark Horse custom inner. (BÄ*)

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