fredag 13 mars 2015


His last original album before the 1980 "Double Fantasy". Considering background and circumstances for the making - like binge drinking, shooting incidents, law suites, escaped master tapes and intended producer Phil Spector in coma after a car accident - it turned out surprisingy well. First sessions made October 1974 and as the story goes - when rumour got out Lennon was recording a new album there were so many musicians for hire lining up to participate it was hard getting in to the studio (apparently some of the cuts have as many as thirty accompanists involved). It was set for disaster, but exactly a year later, in connection to the "Walls And Bridges" recordings, Lennon pulled himself together, sorted out the law suites and went back to studio with the WAB crew to finish it off. Released in the rock revival boom of the mid seventies it became success with the album reaching #6 in both US and UK. I didn't care much for revivals or the many fifties covers we were flooded with at the time. For me this was back to the Lennon I loved. Right on and confident with equal parts desperation and friskiness and even though he's bowing deeply to the old masters the vocals alone makes this a better choice than many of the originals - at least to me. Favorite cuts - "Bony Moronie", "You Can't Catch Me" and "Stand By Me". First "semi-legit" issue on Adam VII (A-8018) as "John Lennon Sings Great Rock'n'Roll Hits" used the unfinished tapes as a fifteen track, also with "Angel Baby" and "Be My Baby" but without "Send Me Some Loving". "Angel Baby" and a couple of other leftovers from the sessions later showed up on the posthumous "Menlove Ave" album. Premiere US on Apple (SK-3419). First UK had label as shown here with both US (etched) and UK (stamped) matrix numbers in a thin matt cover. (BÄ*)(JYZÖ*) (ÄPLÄ*)

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