söndag 27 januari 2013


One of those forgotten gems. Part of the English folk scene, but with a unique posture. Far from rock or cermonial dance tunes it's cool, sparse and wistful. More suitable for autumn melancholy than hot summer nights. June Tabor never reached any commercial hights. Much cherished by fellow artists and groups within the folk society, but didn't record much before the mid-eighties. And when she did it wasn't accessible enough to get her on the lists. Most known today is probably her 1976 "Silly Sisters" collaboration with Maddy Prior. On this her voice is beautiful - it has a darkish timbre, emotional and with perfect timing. The backing is sparse - two songs a capella, the rest mostly acoustic with a few additions of bass, electric guitar and synth. Martin Simpson was one of the most skilled guitarists in the genre and his playing here is more fine art than regular rythmic backing. Violinist Ric Sanders a reliable force on his instrument at the time - from 1972 and on working with Fairport Convention, Albion Band, Soft Machine, Procol Harum, Robert Plant, Roy Harper and many more. Pianist Dave Bristow also played with Albion band and later Keith Emerson and Fairport Convention. Bassist Jon Davie had earlier been in Gryphon and The Banned. So it's a top artist with top backing and it fits like a dream. Well worth to be recognized and remembered. The first press LP can be tricky to find, but it has been re-issued on CD (Topic TSCD 410). UK vinyl release with label as shown here and fully laminated cover. (BRYF*)(FÄV*) (QÖP*)

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