tisdag 3 januari 2017


Swedish group founded 1956 and still going strong sixty years later, now with singer/guitarist/saxophonist Sven-Erik Magnusson as only remaining member from the original setting. Started as a rock'n'roll band influenced by traditional music, moving over to a dance band repertoire in the late seventies and eighties and mostly back to rock/pop in the nineties and further on. After first breakthrough 1961 they have among other things had the young aspiring Beatles as supporting act, topped the bill at rock festivals and managed 54 singles on the Swedish list - including "Två Mörka Ögon" (Two Dark Eyes) charting high for 71 straight weeks. This was their debute album (eng. "At dance with the Karlstad girls"), a compilation of rock songs originally recorded 1961-63, all earlier issued on 45:s. Four of the tracks - "Guitar Boogie", Theme From Anniversary Song" (Donauwellen), "Prairie" and "Höstdrömmar" (Herbsttraum/Autumn Dreams) - instrumental guitar rockers, two - "Corinna, Corinna" and "Billy Boy" - sung in English and the remaining six with Swedish lyrics. Though the numbers have differing themes and structures there's a lot more uniting than separating. The positive atmosphere is almost overwhelming all through - filled with good humor and exuberant performances. To me reflecting happier and more innocent times and I can't help being smitten. Favorite track - "Ett Litet Rött Paket" (A Small Red Package) - actually a parody on love songs, but so well performed with heart-warming organ it moves me anyway. The audio is superb all over, clear and natural. As a whole probably most suitable for Scandinavians, but can also do it for serious international collectors of classic and/or odd rock'n'roll. Never reissued like this in any shape, but all songs have shown up later on various vinyl and CD compilations. First came with label as shown here and thin fully laminated cover. (SCÄ*) (CCÖ*)

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