fredag 13 januari 2017


Australian mono version of Beatles second UK album. Very first press came on gold label, this black/yellow was somewhat later but wrapped in same alternate cover design and using UK 1:st matrixes (XEX 447 1-N/XEX 448 1-N), stamped by exact same font types but without the mother/stamper indications. Audio is identical to a UK 1-N press...or almost identical. Maybe my ears are decieving me, but I can't help hearing this Australian as a teeny-weeny bit brighter and clearer than the UK first. Anyway it sounds absolutely great - big, strong and well separated. Many Beatles fans just want this for the front sleeve display and keep it as a complement only, but it will also do for audiophile pleasures if that's your thing. The second press had label as shown here and laminated flip/back cover. (BÄ*) (DÖW*) (PÖX*)

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