fredag 20 januari 2017


For background also check posts on "The Percy Sledge Way" and the UK 1970 compilation. This second album was issued soon after his breakthrough and hitherto biggest success "When A Man Loves a Woman", but though spawning a couple of more hits - "Warm And Tender Love" at Billboard #17 and "It Tears Me Up" at #20 - it didn't sell that much and is today almost forgotten, or at least by many not considered as good or collectible as the debute or the 1968 "Take Time To Know Her". I think it's well up with those. You get a very nice collection of tear-drenched covers performed by his heartfelt signature vocals to empathetic backing with tons of flowing organ. Perfect when pondering over lost loves, or just for sad moments in general. Audio is close and natural, bringing him near for your consolation. He was the king of blue soul and this is one of the albums that proves it. Favorite tracks - "Warm And Tender Love", "That's How Strong My Love Is" and "Try A Little Tenderness". Originally issued on Atlantic in US and Canada (Atlantic SD/8132), South Africa (ALA 9040) and a couple of European countries. 2013 Japan CD on Atlantic (WPCR-27668). First UK had label as shown here and laminated cover. (ÄTHP*)(PÖCY*)

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