torsdag 19 januari 2017

HALLO '76 855 468 (-76) EAST GERMANY

Continuing my hunt for gems released behind the iron curtain in the sixties and seventies. Though sometimes lyrically handicapped by political censorship, the music itself blossomed and much of it is today in hindsight as enjoyable and/or interesting as anything from the western side of the wall. If in doubt try for example to get your hands on the East German Klaus Renft-combo album "Renft" from 1974 (see earlier post) - an eclectic and well performed blend of hard rock, psych and prog, filled with catchy moments. This Amiga sampler was one of at least sixteen in the "Hallo" serie issued by the label 1972-76. A mix of album tracks, 45 cuts and one-offs - some from long existing productive bands like Puhdys and Electra, others as it seems only appearing on this. Since most of the acts are largely unknown to me I can't go in deeper to their backgrounds or full discographies, just picking a few favourite tracks here and hoping to learn more in the future. GRH-Project "Bruder Da Vorn" - heavy riff-rocker with two counterpointing guitars, Transit "Ich Far An Die Kuste" softer rock with pleasant guitar licks and Karat "Mein Dorf" a beautiful string-driven ballad. These are the ones that at least hit me instantly, maybe a German-speaking would pick differently by understanding the lyrics. As with most Amiga issues the audio is very good all over - distinct and natural. This was the only vinyl release, but all tracks were reissued 2015 as part of a 16xCD box - "Hallo - Die Original Amiga Box" (Sechzehnzen 8490013). First had label as shown here, thin glossy cover and handeling/playing inner. (GÖXÄ*) (SÄM*) (ÄMY*) (BÅC*)

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