söndag 29 januari 2017


The band's second LP, first with Sandy Denny and still by many considered their absolutely best. It was certainly the beginning of a creative and productive boost, among other things resulting in three new studio LP:s in just a little more than a year. It has been suggested it was the combo's efforts this short period that set the style for British folk rock through the seventies and on. I wont argue with that. The melodic mix of self-penned, covers and traditional remakes performed with rock setting and topped by emotional vocals would remain as a common standard for the genre a very long time. Of these three LP:s, all arriving in the shops 1969, my absolute favorite is "Unhalfbricking" (see earlier post), followed by "Liege And Lief" with this as a close runner-up. The reason this comes in third isn't that I think it's bad, but that the others are close to being bloody masterpieces. In comparison the contours are a little looser here as they're still trying to find their own path and shape. Trial and error yet on a high level. But now enough reservations. Some of the tracks really move me, like the beautiful Denny-penned "Fotheringay", the Dylan cover "I'll Keep It With Mine" and the traditional "She Moves Through The Fair". A top album indeed and in its kind this time only standing back to the band's two following ones. Also originally issued in US (A&M SP-4185) and South Africa (Fontana STL 233). Australian release in both mono and stereo (Festival FL 33356/SFL 93356). Japan 2003 CD (Island UICY-20056) came with three bonus tracks. Premiere UK had structured label as shown here, thick unflexible vinyl and thin laminated cover. (FÄHZ*) (ÖSÄP*) (BRYF*) (FÄV*)

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