tisdag 17 januari 2017


Band founded 1972 in Newcastle, England ("Geordie" was a nick-name for the people and dialect in that area). They quickly became a popular live act in Europe and downunder, including numerous appearances on BBC:s Top Of The Pops. However record sales failed the big league and they only managed one UK top ten hit in the seventies, commercially always in the backwater of compeating glam rock outfits Nazareth, Slade and Sweet. Today probably most known for being the starting point of AC/DC vocalist Brian Johnson, who remained in the band till 1976. This was their debute album. Listening today I'm feeling both positive and negative vibes. On the plus side you get one of the heavier glam attempts with layers of howling guitars to a steady and hard rock backing, crowned by Brian Johnson's outstanding vocals. Also the audio is tophole and might floor you if played on any permissive equipment. But I do miss some kind of hit feeling, or at least truly catchy moments like a couple of deeply touching melodies not drowned in sheer power. The only cuts that don't hit you like a glittery steamroller are the "Oh Lord" ballad, the rock revival "Old Time Rocker" and the quirky dialectal singalong "Geordie's Lost His Liggie". The latter also one of my fav tracks here, together with the cool title track. Perfect party record, but not all doing it for close listening, at least not to my ears. Originally issued on vinyl all over the world, some with different sleeve designs. First US on MGM (SE 4903). 1990 CD on Repertoire Records (RR 4033-C) came with four bonus tracks. Premiere UK had label as shown here and thin fully laminated cover.

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