tisdag 10 januari 2017


The band's fifth album, recorded during a transitional period. Sandy Denny had left for the Fotheringay setting, Ashley Hutchins gone to Steeleye Span and Richard Thompson on the brink of leaving for a solo carreer. All considered it's a surprisingly strong album - still folk rock, but with more emphasis on rock than before. It seems new bassist David Pegg immediately got comfortable with drummer Dave Mattacks, together creating a beat adaptable to the folkier twists and turns but also providing a steadfast bottom when needed. I'm a big Sandy Denny fan and always miss her when she's not around. Her very emotional vocals and songwriting was for me a huge part of the group's earlier days. This is somewhat different. Direct hitting, but also a bit more shallow. You wont drown in it, rather get positively carried. For me a happy album - keeps me going without forced to know about why or where. I can also detect seeds to what in my world was their best non-Denny effort - the folk rock opera "Babbacombe Lee" (see earlier post). So this might not be my absolute favorite Fairport album, but the overall good performances, energy and top audio makes it good enough and a sure keeper. Favorite tracks - "Walk Awhile" and "Sloth" (be aware the timings on label are all wrong - e.g. "Sloth" is over nine minutes long, not the 2:59 stated). US and Canada first on A&M (SP-4265). 1970 issues also in France, Japan and downunder. 2001 Island CD (IMCD 285) came with five bonus tracks. Early UK had label as shown here and structured fold/out cover. (FÄHZ*) (ÖSÄP*) (BRYF*)

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  1. There are 3 versions of this sleeve, with the pink label
    1) With "Poor Will and the jolly hangman" printed on it
    2) With the black box and gold type printed over the top (pictured here)
    3) With regular printed corrected track list in black and white

    Only the test pressing has "Poor will" on the record, some early pink labels have the track on the label

    1. Thanks for clearing that out. I wasn't sure myself. So this would be the second in line of the stock versions. Sweet :)