söndag 15 januari 2017


Their third UK album. In a larger perspective not much different from the surrounding "In The Hollies Style" or "Would You Believe?" (see earlier posts). A mix of covers and self-penned (credited to "L. Ransford"), most performed with signature multi-layer vocals, some coming through as simpler garage recordings while others seems more elaboratedly produced. Described that way it doesn't seem very special or worthy of particular attention, but for an already Hollies fan or someone just digging the period music, sound and atmosphere there's lots of beauty involved. It has all the warmth, energy and natural audio you can ask for in a mid-sixties recording. Though non of the tracks have remained as classics it's all together a very positive experience filled with presence and good will. I get the feeling they're all on their toes trying to perform the best they can. Guess a few false notes or a couple of untied knots can put the more sensitive listener off, but if you're like me and want it authentic such is just reinforcing. Got a lot of favorites here, but chosing three - the gospelish "Very Last Day" (at the time released as a single in Scandinavia where it became a huge hit), the self-penned "Too Many People" with quite uncommon lyrics for a 1965 pop song and "So Lonely" (the only UK 45 pick from the album as B-side to "Look Through Any Window"). Originally issued like this in Europe, downunder and a couple of African countries. Both US (Imperial LP 9299/12299) and Canadian (Capitol (D)T-6245) versions came with each having differing titles, track lists and sleeve designs. A stereo version was mixed, but not issued in UK until 1969 as "Reflection" (Starline SRS 5008). First had label as shown here, laminated flip/back cover and "Emitex" rice-paper inner. (HÖLY*) (PÖX*)

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