torsdag 26 januari 2017


Didn't expect much from this when I picked it up a while ago. Saga label had some interesting releases in the sixties with early stuff from artists that later would get international recognicion - e.g. Mungo Jerry's first setting and Sandy Denny - plus a couple of not bad psych and folk efforts, but their issues were also known for being handicapped by bad production, pressings and subpar audio. And as this seems to have used the same tapes as the 1963 US Horizone Ash Grove live album (WP-1617) and flaunted as "stereo" when the original was mono only, all warning signs are up. But though it may be rechanneled a tiny bit, yet still some kind of mono just wider with lots of atmosphere. To my ears it sounds beautiful - apart from the guitars and vocals given full space I also get a feeling of the room where it was played and the public at place. Tons of presence. So if these are your blues heroes this is an opportunity to be there and get to know them properly over fifty years after the fact, cause here they're still very much alive and doing lots of good. Never thought I'd recommend a Saga release for audiophile pleasures, but here it is. Also issued on various labels 1963-65 In US, Germany and downunder. Don't know how those sounds, but guessing this is at least as good or even better than any of the others. First UK came with label as shown here and laminated flip/back cover. (SÄGÖ*)

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