söndag 22 januari 2017


Today a band little known by the large public and mostly fancied by specialist collectors, but back in the early sixties one of the more influential on the London scene. Formed out of members from groups The Downliners and The Hood 1963. First recording was a self-financed live EP made at the legendary London club Studio 51, where they played two nights a week, often along with upcoming acts like Rolling Stones and Yardbirds. Early fan base included names as Van Morrison, Steve Marriot and Rod Stewart and rumour has both Marriot and Stewart auditioned for the band but were rejected. 1964 they got a contract with UK Columbia and recorded this debute album. If You haven't heard it - imagine a mix between vintage Rolling Stones and Pretty Things, just more primitive. Covers of US r&b standards and self-penned in the same style recorded live in the studio and it's clear producer Mike Collier or engineer John Wood didn't try to hamper the raw drive, just made sure it'd fit the vinyl groove. For a garage lover like me this is home - simple and cheeky filled with energy and good humor conveyed by clear and natural audio. Big smile. The rear sleeve notes say backing vocal on "Hurt By Love" belongs to "two well-known Showbiz personalities" and the piano in "One Ugly Child" is played by "another anonymous Great", but fail to mention any names probably because these "guests" belonged to other labels and shouldn't have been there due to contractual reasons. If anyone reading this knows any who, please comment and tell. Originally released in UK only. Different later European vinyl reissues on Charley, Line or Munster labels. German 2005 CD on Repertoire (REP 5035) came with ten bonus tracks. Premiere UK had label as shown here and laminated flip/back cover with "Emitex" rice-paper inner. (ÖGÄ*)

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