måndag 29 februari 2016


A few thoughts on the "misaligned apple" subject. Have to admit I do not understand the concept since the whole covers on some of the earliest presses are differently aligned and the apple just a small part of that. Compare pics below - the apple is under the "A" in Abbey on both. The only thing that's on about the same place vis-a-vis the edges is the tracklist which creates the illusion that the apple is situated wrongly. Should be called "differently aligned sleeve" instead. Then I'd like to add to the confusion concerning the first UK issues. I have two reasonably early copies. (1) having the differently aligned sleeve, very thin spine and dark label without "Her Majesty". (2) with the "correct" sleeve, slightly thicker spine and brighter label with "Her Majesty". Both with the first -2/-1 matrixes. Since (1) by all means is regarded as the first you should think that it must have the earliest mother/stampers and that's true for side one where it's 3/MMM against (2) 6/PLG, but on side two (1) have 10/ALG and (2) the much earlier 1/MDG (all checked with magnifier under strong light to be absolutely sure). So in this case what is commonly seen as the later issue seems to have a former mother/stamper for side two. Don't have a clue why, but guess with the enormous stress a new Beatles album meant there must have been more than one pressing plant involved with different issues overlapping and stampers put together almost randomly. Not trying to make sense here, just saying on this level it's not an exact science. (BÄ*) (ÄPLÄ*)

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