måndag 1 februari 2016


Danish beat combo formed 1962 from members of local groups "The Sundowns" and "Tommy's Band". Early 1964 they won "the Copenhagen Mastership of Barbwire Music", signed a contract with Metronome records and got a hit with their first single - an uptempo instrumental guitar version of "Vilja, Oh Vilja" from Franz Lehars opera "The Merry Widow". This debute album, released later same year, came with a blend of inputs showing some of what was happening in the European music scene at the time. A twofold built on a core of US late fifties and early sixties rock either molded into merseybeat or Shadows/Ventures style guitar instrumentals. Larger part vocal covers of American rock songs as "Skinny Minny", Shakin' All Over", "Jambalaya" and "Slow Down" (here erroneously credited to Lennon/McCartney). Much reminding of British debutes from groups like Gerry & The Pacemakers, Dave Clark 5 or Beatles - just a little more direct and to my ears not standing back to any of those in performance or energy. The instrumentals have some interesting choices - apart from "Vilja, Oh Vilja" also Glenn Miller's "In The Mood" and Santo & Johnny Farina's "Sleep Walk" - all well played. Produced by renowned Danish guitar hero Jörgen Ingmann (most known for his 1961 cover of "Apache", which made #2 on Billboard hot 100). A good period album highly recommended to all lovers of early sixties rock. Pressed in Germany for domestic and Scandinavian markets in compatible stereo only, reissued about a year later through Metronome's budget "Brilliant Serie" (HLP 10.052). All tracks can be found on the 2001 2xCD compilation "The Complete Recordings 1964-68" (Rock-In-Beat-Records RB 211). Premiere release had label as shown here and thin fully laminated ad-back cover. (GÖXÄ*) (SCÄ*)

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