onsdag 24 februari 2016

THE BEST OF SHANES 4E 054-34001 (-69) SWEDEN

The only early sixties recording band emanating above the arctic circle, here from the northern Swedish mining districts. As a northlander myself I embraced their debute album (see earlier post) with its raw untuned outcome perfectly reflecting life in those icy parts. When they after some personel changes moved to Stockholm and made success by playing softer pop I saw that as a betrayal and put them away. For a long time their second album from 1965 "Shanegang" was the last one on my mind and I didn't care about any later efforts. Today when less provincial I do enjoy some beyond that, especially as compiled here. A collection issued after the band broke up 1969, containing twelve cuts recorded 1965-68 - one each from the albums "Shanegang", "IV" and "Shanes Again, three from "SSSS Shanes" and six previously 45 only. I can still do without the cuter tunes like "Cara Mia", "Hi-Lili Hi-Lo" and "Love Me Please Love Me", but the rest is just fine. The rock covers of "Blue Feeling" and "Save The Last Dance For Me" shows they still had it and a couple of the others really good psych tainted pop, e.g. "Faces Faces", "Bound For Nowhere", "Friday Kind Of Monday" and "Chris Craft No.9". To my knowledge this compatible stereo was the only issue, but all tracks can be found on the 1983 vinyl/CD compilation "Shanes 1963-68!". First came with label as shown here, heavy vinyl and thin matt cover. (SCÄ*) (XHÄ*) (CCÖ*)

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