lördag 6 februari 2016


His ninth studio album and still going strong. This time recorded for and released by the New York based "new wave/experimental" ZE records as distributed by Island. Apart from the ever present Brian Eno only backed by a three piece of fairly known musicians. I've seen it labeled as pop, punk or new wave, but to my ears it's most of all another good John Cale album...no further epithet necessary. The concerned songwriting is still there, the melodies and lust for slightly odd forms. I get experimenting conveyed by a then up-to-date atmosphere, but also euphonic and catchy. Cale was 42 y.o. at the time but here sounding as curious and hungry as ever before. Favorite tracks - "Hungry For Love", "Experiment No. 1" and "Villa Albani". Premiere US on ZE (IT 8401). Contemporary release all over Europe. To my knowledge never legally reissued on CD though counterfeits exist. First UK had label as shown here and thin glossy cover. (CÄLX*)

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