torsdag 11 februari 2016


One more reminder of the most persistent UK female artist up to date, with a carrer stretching over seven decades (when Rolling Stones took off she'd already been in the business for twenty years). After adapting and being contiuosly contemporary from the forties and on she got a world wide hit with "Downtown" 1964, thus becoming a natural part of the "British Invasion". In US, apart from a movie carreer, she managed fifteen consecutive top 40 hits, where of two #1, was awarded Grammys 1964-65 and nominated for a Golden Globe 1968. She also hosted her own TV-show 1966-68. This was her 26th album, with 35 more to go up to her last so far 2013 - "Lost In You" (#24 in UK). Elaboratedly produced and arranged by Tony Hatch they're playing it safe with a nice "Swinging London" atmosphere and equal parts up-tempo and slow movers, many embedded in buxom strings. Only even remotely adventurous is the cover of The Kinks "Days", which remains my favorite track. I keep the LP for the ambience and the memories, but so well done it should attract most lovers of light sixties pop. The album itself topped at #51 on Billboard Hot 100 while the two single picks did better with "Kiss Me Goodbye" at #16 and "Don't Give Up" reaching top 30. Also issued in mono (W 1743). First UK on Pye (NPL/NSPL 18235). Premiere US had label as shown here and glossy cover, some with a giant face poster advertising her upcoming movie "Finian's Rainbow". (FÄV*) (YZÄ*)

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