måndag 8 februari 2016


When I got my first US "Now!" mono long time ago I thought it was a revelation, not only beacuse of different tracking but also compared to how the same cuts sounded on the corresponding UK issues. As the British seems to have used a lot more compression or limiting for their albums the American version came through bigger, clearer and more dynamic, and I couldn't imagine further improvement. Therefore it was almost a shock hearing this Australian issue for the first time. For some reason "Mona (I Need You Baby)" was replaced with "I Can't Be Satisfied", but that's not the biggest difference. The clarity on the Australian release is better and a lot more revealing. You become aware of flaws and errors hardly audible on the US or UK issues and the feeling is 100% natural, like a visit to the studio rather than a processed product. To my sensitive ears the difference was so big for a while there I almost thought they'd used alternate takes (for more background thoughts check http://monolover.blogspot.se/search?q=lka ). But a throrough comparison shows it's the exact same takes - just less processed. I get the impression of Rolling Stones exactly how they were in the studio - right on. Don't know if the more naked outcome has to do with Decca pressings in Australia were handeled by EMI instead of Decca/London and therefore handeled differently, or the pressing more high quality, but this is early Stones just as want them - a simple, decadent raw garage band, nothing ventured nothing gained. Please be aware variations in clarity and overall sound is dependent on what pressing it is, equipment used when doing the comparison and how close one listens. This builds on my preconditions, others may not give the exact same picture. (RÅ*) (YZÄ*) (DÖW*) (CPYC*)

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