lördag 20 februari 2016


After two brilliantly composed, arranged and performed albums - "Grand Hotel" and "Exotic Birds And Fruit" - the band teamed up with renowned songwriters and producers Jerry Lieber and Mike Stoller for something different. As it seems the aim was getting it simpler and more direct, but also a retrospection as it includes a remake of an early Brooker/Reid composition "Pandora's Box" plus covers of Lieber/Stoller's " I Keep Forgetting" and Beatles' "Eight Days A Week". The result didn't please all critics and apparently put down some former fans as it only got to #41 in UK and #52 on Billboard. The "Pandora Box" 45 did a lot better and became their last hit single. Big fan of the band myself and I don't see it as that disappointing. Could do without the rather bland covers, but some of the rest are as good as ever. "Pandoras Box" is pure magic, "Without A Doubt" intriguing with its raggaeish refrain and "Fool's Gold" a bouncy rocker reminding of the best moments on the "Broken Barricades" album. Always liked Gary Brooker's vocals and I get a lot of that here too. So even if slightly uneven, to me still a very good Procol Harum album. Issued and reissued world wide on vinyl, cassette and CD through the years, some with bonus tracks. First US on Chrysalis with same number and sleeve design. Premiere UK had label as shown here, glossy stickered cover and picture/lyric insert. (PRÖX*)

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