lördag 27 februari 2016


Three different projects recorded through a longer preiod of time in London; New York, Moscow and Suffolk. Main part - "The Falkland Suite" - written as reaction to the Falkland war 1982 and preformed by Orchestra Of Symphonic And Popular Music Of Gosteleradio - USSR, is an orchestral suite with musical setting by Cale to a couple of Dylan Thomas poems. Not his catchiest work, but beautiful in a seriously concerned way. There are also two short piano parts composed by Cale and the album ends with an Eno-Cale collaboration - "The Soul Of Carmen Miranda" - having more regular songwriting with ambient backing and pointing forwards to their mutual 1990 "Wrong Way Up" album. I've seen this getting about equal portions love and hate through the years. The haters get hooked up on that the symphonic or piano parts don't measure up to the old masters. That's just mean, like comparing Jimmy Page's acoustic licks with Segovia or the strings in "A Day In The Life" with Stravinsky's "The Rite Of Spring". Better listen without prejudice. US vinyl on Opal (1-26024), also cassette (4-26024) and CD (9-26024). UK CD on Land Records (LANDCD 09). Premiere UK vinyl had label as shown here and thin glossy cover with picture/lyric/info insert. (CÄLX*) (ÄNÖ*)

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