söndag 14 februari 2016


Their third album, released between "I Lust Och Nöd" and the attempt on the Australian songbook (see previous posts). The rocking angle from their early days almost totally gone by now and the emphasis was on soft dance friendly pop. For me so deep into the innovative UK and US music scenes at the time they were a definitive no and seen as something fitting for old people or the musically ignorant. But with growing age and distance I've come to appreciate them a little more. The relative innocence and honest apperance - doing what they like as good as they can - combined with very clean and direct audio gives it a warm friendly feeling that's not all bad. Many of the takes sounds direct live in the studio which also adds to the close atmosphere. I wouldn't call it "garage", but it has some of the same simplicity. Recorded at KM studios, Stockholm (see session pic below). Don't know of any other issues. This was pressed in Germany for the Scandinavian market. First with label as shown here and thin fully laminated cover. (GÖXÄ*) (SCÄ*)

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