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The band's tenth and last album before the 1991 "Progical Stranger" reunion. Recorded in Miami and though they had enough songs for an album, most were rejected by producers Ron and Howie Albert. To fill out Brooker proposed a long time project he and Keith Reid had been working on earlier - an epic called "The Worm And The Tree" - which was approved. The LP set-up reminds of "Shine On Brightly" with one theme side and one with regular songs. I've even seem claims "The Worm And The Tree" has a lot in common with "In Held Twas In I", but I don't get that at all. While "In Held..." is a string of separate regularely performed songs and ideas molded together this is more a narrative supported by orchestral parts, beautiful in its way yet almost prosaic in comparison and not the same ear-catcher. It occupies the entire B-side and to be honest I haven't given that much attention. To me this LP is all about three tracks on side A, showing the band was still in good shape. "Something Magic" and "Skating On Thin Ice" both intriguingly built with catchy piano parts and "Wizard Man" a good melodic rocker. As I'm informed the first fold/out cover release didn't include "Wizard Man" but only had four songs on side A, while the second, single cover issue, had all five tracks. If that's true the one here must be a transition copy, since the record has full tracking and the fold/out cover a sticker intruducing the "additional track". First US on WB/Chrysalis (CHR 1130). 2009 CD on Salvo (SALVOCD 029) came with three bonus cuts. Early UK had label as shown here and fully laminated fold/out cover with lyric/picture inner. (PRÖX*)

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