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Though only existing for about two years they are still by many remembered as the most exciting Australian rock band of the sixties with big live following and considerable domestic record sales. Formed 1965 by former members of local Melbourne groups "Red Onions Jazz Band" and "Wild Cherries". Their first singles and an EP became national hits and they were forced to excessive touring all over downunder. It seems the schedule wasn't handeled very well by the company - the "boutique label" W&G Records - and by the time this first LP was about to be a couple of the original members had already quit and the rest were exhausted. So instead of all fresh recordings it's largely a compilation. Former A-sides, B-sides and EP cuts and as far as I can see only one exclusive to this album - "Shake, Rattle and Roll". A couple of the singles were issued in US and Europe and there was also a selftitled French EP (Disques Festival FX 1528 M), but the LP was Australian only. Listening and grabbing it as an entity today you get a garage band grasping a mulitude of genres - pop, blues, jazz, psych. With all certainty inspired by groups as Animals, Stones, Downliner Sect and the growing US psych scene, but a lot more humorous and undeluted giving a truly genuine impression. The cuts differ a lot in quality - performance as well as audio - from rather bad to tophole, yet put together it's a fine garage album, honest and heartfelt - just as I want it. As I understand this was the first Australian rock LP to be mixed in true stereo and all cuts are more or less. I've been told when Raven Records made a remastering for CD 1985 (RVCD-02) they by mistake (?) only used the left channel resulting in a new (fake) stereo version, which also was used by Karusell for their 1995 CD (551130-2). Don't have the means to confirm it, but if accurate the true stereo does not exist on CD so far, only on this and the Aus 1972 vinyl reissue on Astor (WG 5127). First came with ridged label as shown here and laminated cover. (DÖW*) (ÖGÄ*)

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