fredag 12 februari 2016


British mixed vocal combo, formed in the midlands mid-sixties. Often referred to as a "folk group", but far from the folk rock bands emerging some years later and more towards mainstream pop with a sound reminding of The Seekers, Peter Paul & Mary or The Mamas and The Papas. Though releasing a large number of singles and getting lots of air play, especially on pirate radio, performing in TV-shows and sharing live bills with the sixties most prominent UK acts they never hit the big time and non of their sixties recordings managed top 40. During the first ten years they released records through a large number of different labels - Decca, Pye, Island, Columbia, Philips, York, Myrrh, Tempo, Hickory, Opus and Riverdale. The songs on here are A:s and B:s of six Pye singles recorded 1965-67, where of only one - "Can't Stop Following You" - can be found on regular LP ("Go! With the Overlanders and the Settlers" - Pye NPL 18163). Listening today I hear lots of resemblance with their Australian and American sound-alikes. Some call it copying, but most of it really just similarities. Getting a fair share of fine female vocals, the arrangements are top notch and the audio very good. Favorite tracks - "Major To Minor" and the "Nowhere Man" cover. Soft and radio friendly indeed, but with some remaining quality. Issued in mono only. Don't know of any other releases on vinyl or CD. This had label as shown here and laminated flip/back cover. (FÄV*) (PÖY*)

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