torsdag 18 februari 2016


Clifton Ford, born Ian George Stopford Harrison, (1931-2009) was a British artist with a prosperous carreer from the late fifties way into the sixties, but today almost totally forgotten. Started 1957 singing with a jazz combo and made unsuccessful recordings as part of skiffle bands before he got his solo breakthrough with a cover of "Old Shep" 1959. Apart from performing at Royal Albert Hall and in TV-specials he also had three more charting 45:s in UK and a debute album - "Fanlight Fanny" - reaching #16 1962. Eventually his style, doing fifties mode vocal interpretations of country, pop and comedy numbers became obsolete, and though trying to keep up by recording more up-to-date stuff he was soon outrivaled by acts from the merseybeat, white blues and psych scenes. Got his last UK hit 1967 with "Run To The Door" at #25. This Picadilly album is a semi-compilation, containing single tracks earlier recorded for various other labels coupled with newly made. If you like it depends on where your heart is. For those of us who listened a lot to ordinary radio in the sixties and like to reminisce it's home. Well performed, friendly, part funny and never even remotely dangerous. Only cut off pattern is the cover of Kinks "Dandy", but it's still on the mellower side. Production - made by John Schroeder (who among other things also produced Status Quo's first two albums) - and arrangements are impeccable and the audio very good. To my knowledge this was the only issue. It had label as shown here and laminated flip/back cover. (FÖGÄ*) (MÖRS*) (PÖY*)

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