onsdag 2 mars 2016


Swedish pop/rock band formed in Stockholm 1965. During the following years they managed six domestic list entries before dissolving 1968, including covers of international hits as "Sealed With A Kiss" and "The Lion Sleeps Tonight". This was the first of two albums, both issued 1967. It's a semi-compilation containing A- and B-sides of three previous singles coupled with six new recordings. The A-sides are pretty cute in a commercial kind of way with partly high-pitched multi layer harmonies, slightly reminding of Tremeloes or Maramalade. Though these are well made with a heart melting quality I find some of the rest a lot more interesting. You should think a Swedish teen band doing a cover of Dylan's "The Times They Are A-Changing" must end in catastrophy, but the one here is actually enjoyable with the harmony singing to a garage pop background. "Lasse Feels Good" an instrumental with lots of flashy guitar and "A Car, A Boat, A House, A Girl Like You" a free spirited up-tempo rocker. Superficially maybe not reaching up to their US or UK counterparts, but with a very charming personal see-through quality. This was the only vinyl issue. Most of the cuts can be found on the CD compilation "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" (Universal Music 018 337-2). First had label as shown here and fully laminated cover with top opening. (SCÄ*) (CCÖ*)

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