lördag 12 mars 2016


With such an obvious sequel I might as well do a follow-up post. So tied to its predecessor by cover and label design, name mode and atmosphere it could pass as "A Night At The Opera pt. 2". It may have been just a wink to the fans with no further meaning, or an attempt to superficially make it an equal to ANATO, knowing it wasn't as good. And to my taste it isn't. While all previous Queen albums had their fair share of magic moments there's not so much of that here. I get more self conscious songwriting as they're trying to repeat or stay with the success following the breakthrough and less creative spontaneity. A fine album containing good rockers and heartfelt operatic ballads, but fewer real killers. My favorite moments on it are all Brian May stuff - "Long Away" beautiful with sweet crispy guitars, "Tie Your Mother Down" classic rocker, and his funny but complicated licks on "The Millionaire Waltz". Anyway it seems larger part of the world thought a lot better of it, as it went #1 in UK and many other countries, #5 in US and still situates on lists over best albums ever. Frequently issued and reissued on vinyl, cassette, 8-track and CD all over the world through the years. First US on Elektra (6E-101). Premiere UK had labels as shown here, glossy fold out cover and brown picture inner. (QÄN*)

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