måndag 21 mars 2016


Scottish progressive combo formed 1969 by guitarist Ricky Gardiner and former members of local Glasgow bands The Kingbees and The System. They soon got a contract with newly started Vertigo label and released their debut LP "Act One" 1970 - today often referred to as symphonic proto-prog, as it includes traces and/or remakes of classical pieces much in the same vein as late Nice or early ELP. My first aquaintance with the group was through their third LP "Pathfinder", which wasn't much prog, yet exciting with its blend of well perfomed catchy songs, alluring production and top audio. This second album appears to be somewhere inbetween - I get memorable soft melodic turns, but also more adventurous escapades including long solos, rythm changes and classical episodes. Keybordist Alan Park so influenced by Keith Emerson he sometimes sounds like an alias, but doing it well...and one could have a lot worse role models. Favorite tracks - "Time Machine" and "Silver Peacock". First issued in a couple of European countries and Canada (same number), but as far as I know not in US. German 1989 CD on Line Records (LICD 9.00724) and UK 2006 on Repertoire (REP 5056). Premiere UK had labels as shown here and fold/out cover with "0671" dated swirl inner. (WLÖ*)

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  1. I like this album. My favourite track are "I've no idea" and "Festival". "Time Machine" have fantastic,thrilling intro. I think lot of tunes it's mixing folkish influences or classical ("Festival") with prog and pop.

  2. I totally agree. The mix of styles and influences makes it an interesting trip where I can sit down with a glass of wine, close my eyes and just ride along.