onsdag 23 mars 2016


A variation I didn't even know existed before I found it in a used bin a while ago. Always fun to get classic LP:s on odd labels and since I could never afford the UK exports of Apple albums on Parlophone or Odeon, finding originals from countries where Apple wasn't an item yet feels more than sufficient. In some cases these pressings don't hold up to the UK or US originals, but this sounds surprisingly good - in comparison to the partly rather muddy UK first even clearer and sturdier. Very good listening all through. Matrixes are hand etched - PASJ 1004 YEX 865/PASJ 1004 YEX 866 - and vinyl medium thick with bulkier edge. This copy with thin matt sleeve and UK style inner (imported?). Can't say if it's absolutely first or complete, but likely some kind of early press. (BÄ*) (JYZÖ*) (PÖX*)

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