fredag 4 mars 2016


A folk rock opera/concept album, in form no doubt inspired by previously successful projects like "Tommy" or "Jesus Christ Superstar", but with an exclusive libretto and expression. The plot builds on a true story about John Henry George Lee (1864-1945), also called "the man they couldn't hang". After being committed for murder and sentenced to hang on very weak evidence, the execution failed at three occations as the trap door refused to open. The verdict was changed to life in prison and he was released 1907. The story told here is based on old newspaper articles, partly from his own words. On the surface a continuing narrative consisting of five parts - following him from boyhood up to the failing executions - but it's also a collection of very good songs moving the story forwards. Since it all stick together in a very captivating way there's no chance to jump tracks, but if you have fortyone minutes to spare it's a journey well worth taking. First US on A&M (SP-4333). 2004 UK CD (Island 982150-1) presented the story as fifteen separate tracks, adding two bonus ones. Premiere UK vinyl had label as shown here, matt fold/out cover with a large eight page "pocketed" booklet containing texts and pictures from old newspaper articles plus a stiff glossy lyric inner. (FÄHZ*) (BRYF*) (RÖKÖ*)

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