torsdag 24 mars 2016

MORE STARS OF '68 MALS 794 (-68) UK

Follow up to the Marble Arch "Stars Of '68" sampler. As with the former a collection of Pye cuts, most of them non-LP at time of release. Val Doonican seems a little misplaced stylewise, the rest nice representatives of British pop in the late sixties. Good music from renowned names as Kinks, Dave Davies, Status Quo and Foundations mixed with lesser known acts like Paper Dolls, David Garrick and Precious Few. Even if all tracks aren't exactly to my taste it's still good listening because of the contemporary sound and atmosphere. A couple of the tracks appears like more or less enhanced mono, but luckily both Kinks' "Wonderboy" and Dave Davies' "Susannah's Still Alive" comes as true stereo. It was the first time you could get them as legit two-channel mixes and to me they sound a lot better here than when appearing on later compilations. That alone makes this album a keeper. Also as UK mono (MAL 794). Australian issue on Astor (GGS 933), Canadian on Marble Arch (MALS 794). First UK had label as shown here, thick vinyl and laminated flip/back cover. (SÄM*) (KYX*) (PÖY*)

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