onsdag 30 mars 2016


Their fifth original LP in two years and third in just a little more than one. From today's perspective, when many major acts only issue new albums every second or third year, the pace back then was very high. And if you also consider the much more compilcated analogue factoring in comparison to modern computerized handling it's amazing how artists and studio personel were able to deliver top music with a remaining high quality time after time. This is a good exemple. One should think that their fifth full-length in two years would sound a little more tired or uninspired than any of the former. But this is as good or sometimes even better. Same positive garage feeling and energetic performance and most of the songs with a true hit feeling. In fact it spawned so many successful 45 cuts it could as well be called a "greatest hits" - "Travelin' Band", "Who'll Stop The Rain", "Run Through The Jungle", "Up Around The Bend", "Lookin' Out My Back Door"...and that was just in the US. Of the rest "Ramble Tamble" has a borderline psych/garage character and the eleven minute "I Heard It Through The Grapewine" cover comes with a rock jam feeling. The audio is great and it sounds as lovely today as it did fortysix years ago, simple and direct still giving me the same amount of pleasure. Premiere US on Fantasy (8402). Frequently issued and reissued on vinyl, cassette, 8-track, reel and CD through the years, some with bonus tracks. First UK had label as shown here, thick vinyl and laminated cover. (XLÄ*) (CÖR*)

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