måndag 28 mars 2016


After finally finding a UK 1st press within my price range I can now check the Brazil mono against an original stereo (by using the mono button to mimic a fold). Always thought this mono was some kind of fold, but it doesn't come out exactly the same. There are some miniscule variations in fade outs and time gaps between the songs differ. A few exemples - on the stereo "Ramble On " starts directly after the last echo in "Living Loving Maid", on the mono there's a three second gap. Between "Ramble On" and "Moby Dick" stereo has one second of silence, the mono three. Futher on the stereo "Thank You" starts directly after "The Lemon Song" while the mono again has a three second gap. The mono is clearer and much louder than what you'd get from a straight fold which makes it hard to do a thorough comparison since some mono fade outs may appear longer just because of the higher volume. The differing gaps can be explained by the use of "lead tape" (a procedure where the ready tape sometimes was cut and spliced with an additional piece to avoid band echo) and variations in balance by alternative use of EQ. But even if it's the same ground mix I'd call this mono separate. Sounds a lot better than a fold would - bigger, clearer and bouncier - making it something else and pretty good listening too. Band pic below from the Brazil cover. (LÖZ*) (SÖMI*) (CPYC*) (ÄTHP*) (MÅW*)

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