söndag 13 mars 2016


One more of those German period samplers I like so much. There were a lot of them and very often they included otherwise '45 only cuts or even one-offs from odd and today almost unknown acts. This has original LP tracks only, with classic American bands as Doors, Love, Incredible String Band and more from the magic psych years 1966-67. Yet the track choice is atypical and if you dont have the albums it's well worth while. Audio is beautiful, emphasis hard on psychedelia and compiling consistent, making it fine listening all through and no need to jump tracks. Favorites - Clear Light's fuzz drowned "Street Singer" and Love's crazy uptempo "My Flash On You". First had label as shown here, thick vinyl, "monster" inner and laminated fold/out cover with extra sheet having band pics, album ads and explanation of the "psych" concept in German. (SÄM*) (GÖXÄ*)

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