lördag 26 mars 2016


Much can be said about manager, impressario, designer and artist Malcolm McLaren (1946-2010). Some see him as a ruthless predator, using aritsts and social trends for his own benefit. Others say he wasn't greedier or more speculative than many other in the business, just more honest about it. However that may be there's no denying the music scene would have been a lot different without him. By more or less creating Sex Pistols he became one of the main forces of British Punk Rock and through groups as BowWowWow and Adam And The Ants remained influential within New Wave. This album represents the third phase of his public whereabouts - an, as it seems, random mix of african music, square dance, hip hop, latin and disco. Some of it reminding of Talking Heads or Eno, other just weird and unintelligible. Inconsistant and maybe aimless, but still a success in UK and parts of Europe where it among other things helped spreading hip hop to a broader audience. For me a superficially fun and various trip that could bring a smile, but without any deeper connection. Released on vinyl, cassette and CD all over the world through the years. First US on Island (90068-1). Premiere UK had label as shown here, glossy cover, picture/credit/lyric innsert and "illegal hometaping" inner. (CÄX*)

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