måndag 14 mars 2016


The band's fourth LP and one of my all time favorite albums. After Matthew Fisher and David Knights leaving and Chris Copping (re-)joining they were back to a "Paramounts" setting, so in a way the old band was back just under another name. Knowing that you could expect the music to be more towards r&b and pop beat and some of it is, but there's a lot more going on here. Seems like lyricist Keith Reed was in a dark place when writing texts for the project. Subjects are almost entirely about death, loss, failure and disappointment, while the music conveying them being a lot more free spirited with a buffet of different genres as pop, prog, psych, rock and r&b. All topped with Robin Trower's meanest guitars and Gary Brooker doing some of his best vocals ever. With this they prove once and for all that depressive statements can be both comforting and catchy. Like the dark yet embracing "About To Die", the stubborn riff carrying "Whiskey Train", the happy stalking anthem "Still There'll Be More" or all of side two - starting off with the beautiful "Barnyard Story", followed by the two long nightmareish cuts "Piggy Pig Pig" and "Whaling Stories" and ending with the pop gem "Your Own Choice". Loved the album from first release through different issues. For a long time I was after a first press UK (Regal Zonophone SLRZ 1014) or US (A&M SP-4261), but they never showed up here in my price range. Therefore it was a revelation to find this Australian release. Label as shown here, thick unflexible vinyl and laminated fold/out cover with picture side of UK insert inside, omitting the lyrics. As I understand made from the US tapes with fantastic audio - loud and clear. It's got everything I need and now I have my keeper. (PRÖX*) (DÖW*)

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  1. With 'Shine On Brightly' this is my favourite album. "Dead Man's Dream" and "Whaling Stories" is one of the greatest songs in rock history. Producer Chris Thomas did fantastic job.

  2. All agreed :)

    A truly classic album. Strange it isn't more celebrated or sought after.

    1. Yes, it's strange. This LP is better than lot of very sought and expansive records.

    2. Yup I'd choose this before "Dark Side Of The Moon" and many other more renowned anytime.