söndag 20 mars 2016


US blues/folk/rock combo originally existing 1965-67, during that time releasing three LP:s. Two lives - "Live at The Cafe Au Go Go" (Verve Folkways FV/S 9024) and "Live At Town Hall" (Verve Forecast FT/S 3025) - plus this studio effort. Band by many mainly recognized as being one of the breeding grounds for artist Al Kooper and the album hailed as one that set direction for US rock as it developed late sixties and through the seventies - a melting pot of genres and musical ideas ready to mold. Listening today it's still very good. As inconsistant as many other albums released that creatively turbulent period before musical borders were set and genres decided - skipping between classic rock, blues, folk, jazz and psych - but with partly top performances and all over positive feeling. Favotite tracks - the psych rockers "I Can't Keep From Crying" and "Wake Me Shake Me" plus the blues numbers "Two Trains Running" and "Caress Me Baby". Only thing I have problem with is the audio on this mono. I get too much treble, sometimes making the sound so sharp and shrilling it hurts my ears on high volume. A pity, but I'm learning to live with it. First UK 1967 on Verve Forecast (S/VLP 6004). Reissued by Sundazed on vinyl 2009 (LP 5317) and CD 2011 (SC 6299). As I understand premiere US was released on the Verve Folkway label (same number) and this on Verve Forecast is the second issue. It came with label as shown here and glossy cover. (YZÄ*) (ÖXCÅ*) (ÄLCÖ*)

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