måndag 7 mars 2016


When posting the mono earlier it was just a brief expression of love and an assumption that it was a separate mix, based on the beautiful audio and the fact that almost all UK made EMI releases up to 1968 (when this was recorded) got separate mixes. Didn't even care to make a comparison then, but now the time has come. It's claimed everywhere I look the mono is a stone cold fold, but after doing some scrutinizing on my own I beg to differ. They may sound a lot alike if you connect the stereo channels, but there are distinctions. A few exemples - the fade-out at the end of "Lullaby Of The Leaves" is 2 seconds longer on the mono (with a couple extra mellotron notes after the last "aooooo") while the "Young Love" stereo fade-out continues around 4 more seconds (at final vocal part the mono ends after "deep...", on the stereo you can also hear "...emotion" and some guitar notes after that) - showing the formats were treated separately. Most of the tracks have differences in balance. The mono issue has moderately bigger bass, better separation and sounds more alive in comparison to what you get when the channels are connected. All the above put together can only mean this mono is true. First issues had labels as shown here, fully laminated covers and "important notice" inners, some with "postcard" inserts. (BÄ*) (FÄV*) (YMÖ*) (CPYC*) (ÄPLÄ*)(MÅW*)

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