lördag 5 mars 2016


My third and last Charles Trenet post. Though the two earlier had lots of genuine atmosphere, enabling audiophile time travel and reminiscing they still didn't bring me the full monty. This does. A 10 inch with ten songs from his heydays whereof many classics as "La Mer", "Boum!!" and "En Avril A Paris". All original 78' recordings carefully transferred to the new format and probably as close I can get it on LP. Audio warm and inviting fitting both as background and in the listening chair. Apart from the already mentioned the best cut is "La Cigale Et La Fourmi" where he's backed by Django Reinhardt and QHCF. Four of the tracks were also released as a UK EP (Columbia SEG 7819), but I don't know of any other issues. First had label as shown here, fully laminated cover with crescent flips and "take care of your records" inner. (GZÅ*) (MÖRS*)

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