torsdag 31 mars 2016


Collection of tracks recorded 1973-77, part of a project with separately issued items. A book - "More Dark Than Shark" - containing Russell Mills litographs inspired by Eno's compositions and three compilations with differing musical choices - 10 track vinyl, 12 track cassette and an 11 track CD named "Desert Island Selection". This is about the vinyl. All ten cuts straight from the albums "Here Come The Warm Jets", "Taking Tiger Mountain", "Another Green World" and "Before And After Science" so if you already have those there's nothing new here. To my taste inclusion by a couple of his earlier non-LP 45 tracks would have made it a lot better, but that probably would have clashed with the overall arty prerequisite. Still worth having because of the top audio and package. US vinyl with same number, inner, label and insert as UK. Cassette no. EGMC 65 and the "Desert Island Selection CD no. EGCD 65. Premiere UK vinyl had label as shown here, matt sleeve and inner with tracklist, credits and words about his albums by "More Dark Than Shark" collaborator Rick Paynor. Some also with sticker on sleeve and one of Mills' litographs from the book as insert. (ÄNÖ*)

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