onsdag 9 mars 2016


One of the copies that's been with me the longest as it was - over fortyfive years, unchanged and unswapped. Reason I haven't posted it earlier is I can't decide what to think about it once and for all. Though only existing a few years CCR remains one of the most renowned and successful US rock bands, today with an almost iconic status. This debute wasn't the biggest seller, but the album that paved way for world wide recognition. As they didn't change the formula much during their short carrer it has a large part of what later would bring them to the top. It's one of those where the sum is a lot bigger than its parts. Track list a jumble - containing three covers, two previously released 1966-67 under the band's former name "The Golliwogs" and three newly written. Recordings simple with a borderline garage atmosphere, backing rudimentary. Vocals and guitars sort of great, but much the same all over the album. If you pick it to pieces it's no more than an OK garage album, but when they're put together you get lift-off and pure magic. So in this case maybe not a good idea to dig deep - just open up, enjoy and let the overall good feeling drown the will to analyze. Favorite tracks are the obvious - "I Put A Spell On You" and "Suzie Q". Premiere US 1968 on Fantasy blue label (8382). Early UK had label as shown here and cover either fully laminated or with laminated front only. (XLÄ*) (CÖR*)

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