söndag 6 mars 2016


I guess most consider the 1970 album "Mad Dogs & Englishmen" his best live effort. It was certainly the most successful - reaching #2 on Billboard, #16 in UK and kept selling through different formats ever since. I've never been entirely impressed by that. Not sure why - vocals are superb, Leon Russell was a good companion and nothing wrong with the other backing either - but it just don't work for me. This hits a lot harder. Recorded at Hollywood Bowl and Long Beach Arena 1972 and to my taste a much better alternative if you like it less arranged but more naked and vulnerable. Crew is smaller but partly the same as on MD&E. At the time he'd gone deeper into alcohol and drug abuse - as the story goes sometimes so potted he threw up on stage. That may be but he still sings like a ragged god. The grunts are deeper, the loud notes even croakier and voice cracking sometimes. Still he nails every note and the sick just adds to the beauty. For some reason the album wasn't released until four years after the events, didn't sell much initially and is today one of those forgotten gems. But if you're into MD&E and want a more close connecrtion to the man it's highly recommended. Favorite track - the cover of Stephen Stills "Love The One You're With". Frequently issued and reissued on vinyl and CD through the years, some with bonus tracks. Premiere UK had label as shown here and thin laminated cover. (LYBÖ*) (FXÖ*) (MÖRS*) (JÖC*)

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