lördag 19 mars 2016

THE NICE/AUTUMN '67 - SPRING '68 CS 1 (-72) UK

At first glance this may appear like just another collection of The Nice stuff from their earliest days. Would be good enough since the compiling has an all psych aim and it also includes the "America"/"Diamond Hard Blue Apples Of The Moon" non-LP 45, but it's a lot more than that. In fact all remaining cuts are alternative takes, here for the first time on record. And non of them are in any way inferior to the earlier released versions, just different - part rawer and whimsier, but never as erratic or unfinished "alternative takes" usually sound like when showing up on later collections. As compiled here this could have been The Nice debute, one with less classical influence but a lot more cheeky psych. "Daddy Where Did I Come From" did show up first on their second LP, but the one here is an earlier version made while David O'List was still in the band. So not as much a collection as an alternative debute album - and at least for me for now a better listen. First US 1973 as "Autumn To Spring" on Charisma scroll label (CAS 1). UK 1976 vinyl reissue on Pickwick (SHM 917). Charisma/Virgin 2009 CD came remastered with two bonus tracks. Premiere UK had red scroll label and "Charisma Perspective" ad inner. The one shown here is somewhat later. (ÄPY*) (PÖP*) (CÄX*)

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