torsdag 3 mars 2016


Probably the Zeppelin album having raised most diverging opinions. While many grade it as a low point in the band's catalogue, others see it is as one of their best. It's certainly different from earlier albums - less obvious, slightly more experimental and with a harder production and audio. I'm a fan and considering the circumstances it's amazing they could deliver at all. Short story - Plant in a wheelchair after a car accident, Bonham boozing and Page deep down on drugs. The recordings dragged on beyond time limit and since the next studio booking was by the only act with power enough to push them out - Rolling Stones about to record "Black And Blue" - it wasn't extended. So Page had to stay behind and make most of the guitar overdubs in an uninterrupted 48 hour session while tying other loose knots. Anyway the result is surprising with a mix of classic rock and prog/psych wrapped in a very hard-hitting package. As a rock album one of a kind and one that keeps on giving. "Achilles Last Stand" intrusively intriguing, "Nobody's Fault But Mine" heartbreaking, "Candy Store Rock" very sweet and "Royal Orleans" catchily twitchy and bouncy. First US on Swan Song (SS 8416) came with same label and sleeve design as UK. Frequently issued and reissued world wide on vinyl, 8-track, cassette and CD through the years. True UK first pressings can be tricky to find. As pre-orders were so big many "British" issues were imports pressed in other countries and soon after release WEA took over for international editions. First were pressed by CBS and have "Made In UK" on label, stickered sleeve with embossed logo, "Printed and made in England" on inner and stamped -A1/-B1 matrixes. (LÖZ*)

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