torsdag 10 mars 2016


Swedish pop/soul/psych combo existing 1962-69. Started off as a dance band, but eventually moved over to a more pop oriented outfit with inspiration from some of the cooler UK and US acts. While the sound on the 1967 debute "Bubbles" (Bill BTLP11) owed a lot to early Zombies, this second and last LP is more towards blue eyed soul with a psych taint - heavy with very prominent organ. A couple of covers - among them the Vanilla Fudge inspired version of "I Should Have Known Better", a heavy yet sleepy "Whenever You're Ready" and the jazzy Georgie Fame style "Lovey Dovey" - mixed with perkier self-penned (or written by associates) like "Ha Ha Ha", "Summer On Its Way" and the instrumental title track filled with flowing hammond and some nice guitars. All very well performed, especially by vocalist/keybordist Björn Skiffs - who would reach #1 on Billboard six years later with his new band Blue Swede and a cover of "Hooked On A Feeling". (Random fact - the group name is a joke, a deliberate mistranslation of the word "slamkrypare" - in Swedish meaning either a certain shoe model, a kind of amphibian or a misjudgement. The correct translation would be "mud crawler".) To my knowledge this was the only vinyl issue, but all cuts can be found on the 2-CD compilation "Vansbro Memories" (Gazell/Bill GAFDD-1005). First had label as shown here, thick unflexible vinyl and fully laminated cover. (SCÄ*) (CCÖ*)

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